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At The Green Door I offer a bespoke dressmaking service. This process involves discussing design inspiration so I can really understand what you want. After I have drawn a range of designs, we work together until we have what is desired. We then discuss fabric, price points and a date of completion.


From there I calculate a price for the overall garment. I will require a 50% fee before starting work in addition to the cost of fabric. I will then take your measurements, make a pattern and make a toile which is a mock-up using calico. Adjustments to fitting and style will happen at this stage. 

Prices start from £500 without materials for bespoke dresses and wedding dresses. this covers design development, toile, fittings and making. 

If you find choosing a dress a bewildering experience, I am happy to offer my expertise through dress shopping with you to discuss shapes and fit. (This service will be billed.)      

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