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Up-cycling and reworking clothing

I aim to make beautiful, well constructed garments out of the unusual. 

I have a particular passion for up-cycling and reworking clothing.

I believe it is so important to utilise an items lifespan to avoid textile landfill and reduce global warming. 


I do this through deconstructing items of clothing and reconstructing them in a different way.

Through dying, embellishment and embroidery I transform garments. 

I do a lot with Denim including personalised jackets for £120 (including the price of jacket). 


I convert jeans into shorts and using the remanding leg I make pinafores.

I sell online at Depop under Rhetorik Rework.

I have been working on a recycling project entitled " I was your tent last summer'. With a group of friends we collected over 200 left over items including 170 tents and sleeping bags from Boom Town in 2019. With these I make ponchos, coats and bum bags. I also hope to do an exhibition in the future using these tents to explore how different cultures originally used cloth to create silhouettes. 


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