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I own a full professional photo studio which is hireable. I work with great photographers and graphics specialists and have experience working on fashion shoots and generating product shots. 

Fashion photographer Hayden Bellemy

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After thinking I wasn’t going to have a baby shower, Toni really pulled it out of the bag with my magical Alice in Wonderland themed party. The decorations were so detailed, she quite literally painted the roses red. A day I will never forget. Ive had so many people comment on my shower since sharing photos, but even in the photos its hard to describe how enchanting the day really way’ 

Jessica Matthews

Although my degree was in shoes design, my profession was within theatre, my sidelines are within sustainable fashion there is nothing more I enjoy than creative collaboration. Within projects with individuals and local businesses I have collected a wonderful network of creatives and have gathered a huge amount of transferable skills.


 Having a diploma in business has added huge depth to understand consumer needs and how to deliver them. Being a creative I can help visualise, conceptualise and develop your ideas into reality. This may be helping and researching looks for your business, styles for your home, or having an idea you just are not sure where to start with. 


'' What would I do without you - we are the best team''

Sian Bartlett

Yoga supper and brunches

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